"Brilliant" work by SAS: Jim Fury

28 May 2019

"Brilliant" work by SAS

Jim Fury has thanked two of our "brilliant" #Dunfermline emergency responders who came to his aid after he took unwell while on a walk in Loch Leven.

Jim was out walking with his wife when he felt his back go out. He could not move, and added: “My daughter phoned and had a quick response from your department – the only thing was that no ambulance could get to where I was - not even the helicopter.

“Mark and Michael found me though - they both had a good walk to get to me and in no time they put me at my ease, giving me the air out of the canister, which eased my pain. I’m so grateful to them both.”

Jim said a farmer nearby managed to come with his buggy and drove him to the ambulance, before he was transported to Victoria Hospital.

Well done to Mark and Michael! And great to hear Jim is doing well now.

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