Defib project completed

A PROJECT to upgrade defibrillators used in Scottish ambulances has been completed, with critically ill patients across Scotland set to benefit.

The new devices, which have been installed in 528 Scottish Ambulance Service Accident and Emergency response vehicles and supplied by The Ortus Group, are more reliable and enable transfer of patient data from some of the most remote parts of Scotland to a receiving hospital.
The project – which was completed under budget and by the target completion date – involved the training of 3,029 staff, where 500 training sessions were held across 75 training locations.
Consultant paramedic Dave Bywater said: “I want to thank everyone who has been involved in fitting our ambulances with these new defibrillators, putting Scotland at the cutting edge of this new technology. We are delighted patients are going to benefit from it.
“This has been a great team effort from everyone involved – the project was delivered under budget and by its completed target date. This was done through what were very challenging circumstances and involved a great team effort.
“In addition to defibrillation for out of hospital cardiac arrest patients, they also automatically record a patient’s vital signs, freeing the ambulance crew from recording this data manually and enabling them to give more focus to patients.”
The new Corpuls3 devices will automatically pass clinical information and data into the Electronic Patient Record, which can then be picked up and monitored by hospital clinicians ahead of the patient arriving – paramedics and technicians will also be able to easily record which drugs they have administered.
Project Manager Roslyn Scott said: “This was a very logistically challenging migration project, ensuring the staff training programme and vehicle installation plan were well aligned and executed whilst minimising impact on our frontline services. There was excellent team working between the project team, wider Scottish Ambulance Service colleagues and our supplier, The Ortus Group, to complete the project under very difficult circumstances.”
The Ortus Group Managing Director Craig Hall said: ““To be involved with The Scottish Ambulance Service on a project of this importance has been fantastic. The entire Emergency Services world watched its progress and I am delighted how my team here at The Ortus Group worked with the Project team at SAS.

“We had a few issues to deal with in regard to Covid and the logistics around it but everyone stepped up and delivered when it counted, finally I hope all within SAS enjoy using the Corpuls3 and that the choice in selecting this product is rewarded by a clinically enhanced outcome for the people of Scotland.”

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