Farewell to Sue: Sue Owen

25 Apr 2019

Farewell to Sue

Reflecting on her time within the Service, Sue said she has many highlights. However, three stand out.

She said: “I was part of a North Leaders of the Future event many years ago and on the final day of the event we were all waiting to hear if we had been selected. When Graham Ferguson, our HR  manager, told me I had been selected I was so delighted I couldn’t believe it. From this, it led to my lead for rolling out the Palliative Care Plan for the North, which I loved

“The second highlight was when I applied for a secondment to the strategy team to help with the amalgamation of the Area Service Offices into the 3 Ambulance Control Centres we now have. As I was driving home from the interview, I heard from David Kinnaird that I had been successful - it was fantastic. This led me to work with Lorraine Tough and we worked together for over a year delivering the strand of the service delivery. Again, I learned so much and met so many passionate people that work with us in the service.”

“Being nominated for an award in the Staff Recognitions, just being nominated was unbelievable, winning Staff Member of the Year for North and being presented the award by Heather Kenny was very special and humbling as there are many unsung heroes in our world.”

Sam Ritchie added: "Sue’s dedication to the service is overwhelming, this dedication is directed at ensuring each staff member works to their full potential developing strengths and encouraging weaknesses.  She continually works with a glass half full and is an inspiration to many staff within and out with the service. 

"Her encouragement to do and be the best you can be and the complete focus on patient experience and continuing improvement for the service we offer shows no boundaries.  Her mentoring skills are recognised throughout the Scheduled Care Team and beyond and ultimately Sue is an inspiration to us all."

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