"Massive" thanks from dad of baby Conan: baby-2

15 May 2019

"Massive" thanks from dad of baby Conan

We received a lovely message from the dad of a baby who spent several days in an incubator after he was flown from Kirkwall to Glasgow by our #SCOTSTAR team.

Andrew Pendlebury, of Sandwick, has sent a “massive” thanks to Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Elaine Foy, and also the #Kirkwall ambulance crew, who helped his son Conan.

Andrew said: “I just wanted to say thank you to the team who took Conan down to Glasgow from Kirkwall. Conan was an emergency section - once out in the world he couldn’t maintain his sugar and sodium levels.

“Orkney doesn’t have an antenatal unit, so he had to be flown down to get that little bit of extra care he couldn’t get up on Orkney.

“He spent five or six days in an incubator on drips of glucose and sodium until he was able to maintain the right levels for himself. After that, he had to learn how to feed as he couldn’t keep his milk down because he had so much mucus in his stomach and lungs.”

Conan, now aged four weeks, has since been discharged and home with his family.

Andrew added: “From myself, my wife Gemma and peedie Conan, I would like to say a massive thank you.”

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