Mum thanks SAS after home birth: Lisa Elder with Ollie

11 Dec 2019

Mum thanks SAS after home birth

A mum has praised the Scottish Ambulance Service after she delivered her baby at home

Caitlin Kelly was in labour for three days and gave birth on the fourth.

She thanked Darren Tait, of Dunfermline Station, and Lisa Elder, of Livingston Station, who is pictured with Ollie, and the call handler, Fiona Smith. 

She said: “I woke my partner at 5am, saying I think I’m going to have the baby. He tried to get me ready and to go to the hospital but the pain was too severe and I couldn’t make it.

“My partner dialled 999 and the operator was amazing - she kept us as calm as possible and was talking us through every single step until the paramedics reached us, I ended up giving birth whilst on the phone to the operator and our little boy wasn’t breathing.

“The operator told us to keep wiping his face with a towel until he caught a breath, which he did after about a minute . She kept talking to us to keep us calm and was always checking that me and baby were ok. When the paramedics came they were so amazing with us all.

“The woman came into the bathroom with me and gave me a cuddle straight away told me I’d done amazing and that she was very proud of me. She wrapped me up in a towel and took me through to the bathroom where she and the other paramedic checked me and baby over. Once they had made sure me and baby were ok they took us down to the hospital.”

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