Mum's "heartfelt thanks": Callum

22 May 2019

Mum's "heartfelt thanks"

The mum of a young boy has sent a “heartfelt thanks” to the emergency responders who assisted her son after he had a seizure at nursery.

Sian Urquhart thanked Kevin McCann, a technician at Vale of Leven, and Raymond Fleming, Paramedic Team Leader at Vale of Leven, for helping her son, Callum, aged four.

The mum wrote: “My little boy, who is 4, had a seizure at his nursery in Dumbarton.

“I was at work and they called an ambulance. My husband was able to make it to the nursery for the ambulance arriving and he said the paramedics were amazing.

“I met them at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Glasgow and the young male paramedic who brought Callum in was lovely and offered me a lot of reassurance and support and kept me calm until Callum had been taken into the assessment room.

“He even gave Callum some pennies to put into the charity box which kept him amused while we waited.

“Please pass on our heartfelt thanks to the team that brought Callum in - a credit to you and very much appreciated by our family. Sian, Cameron, Ewan and Callum Urquhart xxx.”

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