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Scottish Ambulance Service Recruiting Community First Responders in Dunbar and Eyemouth

The Scottish Ambulance Service is recruiting volunteers to join its Dunbar and Eyemouth Community First Responders (CFRs) group.

The CFR group covers Eyemouth, Coldingham, Coldpass, and Dunbar and members respond to potentially life-threatening emergencies such as a cardiac arrest or seizure in the vital first few minutes before an ambulance crew arrives.

Anyone over 18 with a driving licence can apply to become a community first responder and no previous medical experience is needed.

Training will be provided by the Scottish Ambulance Service and will cover the Basic Life Saving (BLS) skills that may be required when attending an emergency call.

Leanne Gillie, Community First Responder covering Eyemouth, said: “Being a CFR is flexible and despite working full-time with three children, I find the time to book on call when I can. Volunteering can definitely fit around your other responsibilities.

"I have been a CFR since June 2017 and I enjoy being able to support my local community this way.”

Michael Dickson, SAS Chief Executive said: “CFRs come from a variety of backgrounds and play a vital role in starting treatment whilst an ambulance is on route.

“They are highly valued by the Scottish Ambulance Service, and I would encourage those with an interest in supporting their community to apply for this opportunity.” 

To register to become a CFR, visit: Community First Responder (formwize.com) or to find out more about becoming a CFR, visit: https://www.scottishambulance.com/your-community/community-first-responders/

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