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Stranded mum who nearly gives birth on the A9 during Storm Gerrit thanks emergency staff

A mum stuck on the side of the road following Storm Gerrit flooding said she'll always be grateful to the emergency responders who rushed her to hospital to give birth to her first child. 

Louise Lyon, 31 of Pitlochry, was on the A9 near Ballinluig on December 28 around 11.20 am, and enroute to Perth Royal Infirmary to give birth, alongside partner Stephen Nicol.

However, with Louise in the late stages of labour, flooding forced the road to be closed. 

An ambulance crew of Selene Rae, Paramedic, and William Young, Paramedic Team Leader, of Pitlochry, Alistair Daw Paramedic and David Bywater, Lead Consultant Paramedic, both working out of SCAA’s Helimed 76 alongside Pilot Captain Kimball Chilcott, also attended to assist with the road transfer of  Louise to Perth Royal Infirmary. 

Louise said: "As this was my first baby, my partner and I were both scared that we would not make it to the hospital in time. From the moment the ambulance arrived, Selene made me feel so at ease and cared for. My waters had broken and I felt embarrassed and scared but she was calm and made me feel comfortable and got me gas and air to help alleviate the pain."

Louise and her partner were transported to Perth Royal Infirmary by road ambulance and she gave birth to Olivia at 1305.

She added: "A paramedic from the SCAA air ambulance team stayed in the ambulance with us to support should things develop quickly. During the ride to the hospital, they continuously checked me after each contraction and encouraged me to use the gas and air to ensure I didn't give birth in the ambulance before it was time. They spoke to me the entire time to make me feel comfortable and tried to ease the fear I had.

“Upon arrival at the hospital, they stayed with me during my labour and helped me to welcome my little girl into the world. They made a first-time mum feel very safe and cared for. The care that they provided was above and beyond what I could ever have expected."

To say thanks, Louise also delivered a card to the crew at Pitlochry to say thanks to all those involved.

She wrote: "Thank you so much for the care you gave me whilst I was in labour. Words can't express how grateful I am to you. You truly went above and beyond to ensure Olivia was brought into the world safely."

She added that without the responders, her partner would have had to become a midwife and deliver the baby at the side of the road.

She added:" I cannot put into words how scared I was and from the moment the paramedic stepped out of the ambulance my fear completely slipped away. The two paramedics supported both myself and my partner to ensure we remained calm after what had been a traumatic experience.



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